Gourmet Journey to Hokkaido

In the past four years 1957 & Co. CEO Mr Paul Kwok and Gonpachi Head Chef Fei Ngan visited various places in Japan, including Iwate, Kumamoto, Hokkaido, Shizuoka, Aomori, Kobe, Mie, Saga and Miyagi. In celebration of the 4th Anniversary of Gonpachi, Paul once again set foot in Hokkaido, this time bringing back to Hong Kong a vast array of seasonal seafood including the renowned Akkeshi oyster, hairy crab, Bafun sea urchin, kinki and many more. In addition, Paul had also visited the soba farms in Numatacho, harvesting the fully-grown buckwheat for the making if fresh shin soba.

As an island located at the north end of Japan, Hokkaido is surrounded by sea with favorable soil and climate. Hokkaido has nearly one fourth of Japan’s total arable land, making it rank the first in the nation in the production of a host of agricultural products. The prefecture is also the first in the nation in production of marine products and aquaculture. Besides premium culinary ingredients, Gonpachi will also be featuring three sakes from the historic Kunimare Sake Brewery located in the city of Mashike, including the Hokkaido Gentei Junmai Ginjo, Daiginjo, and the Kitano Kirameki Junmai Ginjo.

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Happy Hour at Gonpachi

From the Izakaya bar area, the discreet tatami seating to the relaxing alfresco Japanese garden, Gonpachi offers you different settings to stay away from the bustling Causeway Bay for happy hour to dine and unwind.



Charcoal Grill Platter or Gonpachi Snack Platter

Including a bottle of House sake / M. Chapoutier Blanc / Rouge


4 glasses of Suntory / Standard mixed drinks / Non-alcoholic drinks

Available daily from 2:30pm to 6:00pm



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Japanese Afternoon Tea Set

Relaxing Afternoon at Gonpachi

Gonpachi's Japanese Afternoon Tea Set that will surely excite your palate with a wide selection of Japanese savory, charcoal grill, and sweet items along with newly designed specialty drinks. Enjoy a relaxing and memorable afternoon either at the private tatami area or the beautiful Japanese outdoor garden!

2:30-6pm Daily

HK$298 + 10% (For Two)

Reservations: 2787 3688


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A Unique Japanese Dining Experience
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