Blasting Sumiyaki Omakase

Gourmet izakaya restaurant Gonpachi is renowned for its char-grilled dishes and hand-made soba. Arduous efforts have been made when constructing the ventilation system and fire control facilities at the Hong Kong store to allow binchō-tan to be used at the charcoal grill. Top class binchō-tan from Kishu Wakayama are used in the restaurant. Chefs at Gonpachi controls the temperature of the konro grill for different ingredients using various methods, from the basic moving of the vents to the detailed positioning of the binchō-tan itself. Dishes prepared on the konro grill offer unique smoky and toasty barbecue aromas as well as a more juicy and flavorful palate when compared to dishes prepared on normal electronic or gas grills.

We present Blasting Sumiyaki Omakase for the first time. Guests are able to enjoy 15 kinds of signature dishes, including seafood, meat and vegetable sumiyaki, with only $680 up. Apart from the Sumiyaki dishes, sake that pairs perfectly with charred dishes is something you don’t want to miss. Complementing the comprehensive sumiyaki menu is the special Jyu-yondai Junmai Ginjo Nama Origarami Arabashiri, the latest Nigori (cloudy sake) from Jyu-Yondai in 2018. Selected by our sake sommelier especially for this Omakase menu, this rare find has not been pasteurized and offers a rich texture thru its sediment with semi-sweet flavors balanced by crisp acidity. 

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Happy Hour at Gonpachi

From the Izakaya bar area, the discreet tatami seating to the relaxing alfresco Japanese garden, Gonpachi offers you different settings to stay away from the bustling Causeway Bay for happy hour to dine and unwind.



Charcoal Grill Platter or Gonpachi Snack Platter

Including a bottle of House sake / M. Chapoutier Blanc / Rouge


4 glasses of Suntory / Standard mixed drinks / Non-alcoholic drinks

Available daily from 2:30pm to 6:00pm



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Japanese Afternoon Tea Set

Relaxing Afternoon at Gonpachi

Gonpachi's Japanese Afternoon Tea Set that will surely excite your palate with a wide selection of Japanese savory, charcoal grill, and sweet items along with newly designed specialty drinks. Enjoy a relaxing and memorable afternoon either at the private tatami area or the beautiful Japanese outdoor garden!

2:30-6pm Daily

HK$298 + 10% (For Two)

Reservations: 2787 3688


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A Unique Japanese Dining Experience
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