Hida Beef · The Pinnacle of Wagyu Beef

Gonpachi strives to offer the freshest and finest ingredients from different regions of Japan to its distinguished guests.

After visiting more than 10 prefectures over the years, Gonpachi Head Chef Fei Ngan once again continued his journey in search for premium ingredients, this time landing at Hida Takayama in Gifu prefecture, home to Number One Wagyu of Japan – Hida Beef, with the aim of bringing back to Hong Kong the top-quality wagyu from this blessed land.

We proudly brings to table 12 different ways to showcase this No.1 wagyu from Japan, inlcluding Grilled Hoba Miso Hida Beef, the famous local dish from Hida Takayama area.

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In Mood for Jyu-Yondai Sake

Gonpachi has prepared five sake from Jyu-Yondai series for guest to pair them with our wide variety of Japanese food at a reasonable price. Guest can not only order them in bottles, but also in masu (180ml)! The five selected Jyu-yondai sake include:

  1. 本丸 生詰 特別本醸造
    Honmaru Namazume Tokubetsu Honjyozo
  2. 吟醸 吟撰 播州 山田錦
    Ginjo Ginsen Banshu Yamadanishiki
  3. 角新 純米吟醸 生おりがらみ 荒走り
    Junmai Ginjo Nama Origarami Arabashiri
  4. 角新 出羽燦々 本生 純米吟醸
    Dewasansan Honnama Junmai Ginjo
  5. 槽垂れ 本生原酒 純米吟醸
    Funadare Honnama Genshu Junmai Ginjo



Happy Hour at Gonpachi

From the Izakaya bar area, the discreet tatami seating to the relaxing alfresco Japanese garden, Gonpachi offers you different settings to stay away from the bustling Causeway Bay for happy hour to dine and unwind.



Charcoal Grill Platter or Gonpachi Snack Platter

Including a bottle of House sake / M. Chapoutier Blanc / Rouge


4 glasses of Suntory / Standard mixed drinks / Non-alcoholic drinks

Available daily from 2:30pm to 6:00pm



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Japanese Afternoon Tea Set

Relaxing Afternoon at Gonpachi

Gonpachi's Japanese Afternoon Tea Set that will surely excite your palate with a wide selection of Japanese savory, charcoal grill, and sweet items along with newly designed specialty drinks. Enjoy a relaxing and memorable afternoon either at the private tatami area or the beautiful Japanese outdoor garden!

2:30-6pm Daily

HK$298 + 10% (For Two)

Reservations: 2787 3688


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